Ink Splattered Dreams

by Don Royal

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6 bullets. 1 for each barrel of the fun gun.
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released February 15, 2011

All songs written by Don Royal.
All song mixed and mastered by Dove of Tiger Tiger Productions.
Tattoos Ink produced by Chris Neve.
Verses Vs. In Revese produced by Emmanuel Mauleon.
All other tracks produced by Don Royal & Chris Neve unless noted otherwise.
Official album artwork by Marvelous Meta Pautsch and Kickin' Jessica Kitzman
Bandcamp artwork by Don Royal.




Don Royal St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Tangerine Dreamsickle
and by my calculations
its three o’clock in the afternoon
why the earth is shakin
or maybe thats the just bass and (bassin)
dem boys is on a shuffle
movin some moon rocks
they on they solar hustle
they just wanna be stars
local or innastella (interstellar)
last night i was at venus
tryin to get in stella
she lost groove
i just wanna help her find her spaces
and if im lucky maybe she will take me to her spaceship

this must be a dream
she taste like tangerines
and she in my bed wit roller skates and a tambourine
rockin some pony tails
and ima clydesdale
colliding wit heaven and hell
on a daily basis
goin through daily phases
rockin some crazy faces
im glad you landed today baby
take me to ya spaceship
i make love to leader
and lead her to some features
on my planet orange and organic
dream in tangerine
oooohww so serene

you guyses
he might be a zombie
look upon the highs they skies is falling
fuck it i say niggas is balling
eyes wet as hell they hear the grim reaper calling
norman rockafella well
music art and money
frames at a funeral
caskets of mahogany
harder than a coffin nail
why you coughin out them tales
catastrophe who can tell
caught thats cat by its tail
catch them when they start to fail
yup them little kidses
dont tellem they ignant
help them make decisions
cuz these streets is conditions
of lopsided homes
wit bottom feeder mentality
and drop out quotes
trickle down the economy
wiggle free cuz ya gotta be
who ya wasnt supposed to be
now you on top of the heap
garbage pail kids
wit trash up under our lids
we open our mouths
and rubbish it falls from our lips

this must be a dream
she talkin trash and we
recycle reduce and reuse our love efficiently
she aint wastin time
and ima time machine
back from the future kama sutra
on a daily basis
goin through daily phases
rockin some crazy faces
im glad you landed today baby
take me to ya spaceship
i make love to leader
and lead her to some features
on my planet orange and organic
dream in tangerine
oooohww so serene

this chick she think she got me
like im some origami
folded up in her pocket
plug right in her socket
she thinks i need her electricity explicitly
i say listen to me
you aint my panacea
you aint the cure to the panic
goodbye later i see ya
im from tomorrows yesterday
i wouldnt wanna be ya
to busy bein me im on some other diarrhea
follow my directions
my diagram my diorama
whats wit all this drama (dra-muh)
i spit this midwest gramma
right in front of ya sista ya momma
and ya grandma
now everybody stand up
and make sure its fa somethin
cuz when you raise ya voice
ya solution cant be nothin
you better have a idea if you gonna complain
dreamers we lover to dream
actors they never wait
for the lights to flash
and cameras to roll
to busy takin action
accomplishin goals

this must be a dream
we on the movie screen
we cut the cameras but we still rollin behind the scenes
tabloids and magazines
tabulate and say they seen
us in a limousine
but baby we know they just hatin
so dont thumb through they pages
just watch ya thumb in case its
cuttin a tangerine and you are zonin out and spacin
thinkin about your space ship
you aint from round here
lets gg on vacation on my planet
on my planet orange and organic

dream in tangerine
piyow bang
Track Name: Cigars! Cigarettes!
split it down the middle

split it down the middle

sticky situation
quit blowin smoke in my two faces
i need more than one cuz my placement
you know me im always in two places
rhymes straight out the attic
beats bangin from the basement
im so fly that the air i breathe
has to be pressurized wit no smokin signs
tell the haters take a smoke break
put ya lighters in the air burn the butane
why should i be filtered
a flicker of his filaments they feelin him like huge flames
layem on a stretcher
im killin'em like i dont know better
for me they even stand in the cold
blowin with the breeze lined up elbow to elbow


aquarius so i stick to the cancers
i gotta quick question if you gotta quick answer
is there a doctor in the house
im so sick i think i got cancer of the mouth
just cuz she blows purple
dont means shes a groupie for the Vikings
she might split it down the middle
but if she puckers up its usually for smoke rings
huddle up
this is not for the minors
this is for the major league
for the big timers
if this was meant for little kids
it would have cartoons
and be flavored peppermint
i produce it and i place it
all you gotta do is buy it and embrace it
the surgeon general dont know jack
like the butt of a cancer stick he can kiss my ass


stick to the topic
they love it from the poles to the tropics
and you know how it goes when it hot shit
out the rapper in ya head you a hostage
haters got smoke screens
blowin smokes out they ears
they some pipe dreams
im so fly when im in here
clothes got parachutes
shoes got landing gear
oral fixation
she says she just gotta keep it on her lips
what about inhalation
she says she doesnt like to blow she would rather spit
why they gotta add the poison
keep it all natural keep buoyant
big tobacco
forget about the pesticides
just take another puff for the rest of ya life


look at all the butts on the street
look at all the butts on the floor
look at all the butts in the scene
look at all the butts in the morgue
Track Name: Tattoos Ink
ooh i know i know it not goin
ooh i know i know it aint goin
ooh i know i know it aint goin
ooh i know i know it not goin
ooh i know i know it aint goin
ooh i know i know it aint goin

and it'll never be the same again
whatchya gettin for ya tattoo

sittin in a chair
burnin calories
burnin memories
you can feel the heat
skin is like a sickness
touch my disease
travel my lines
tattoos ink

if you push me
we can go deep
too late to pull back
once we off the brink
skin is like a miracle
cuts us and we bleed
cuts us and we heal
tattoos ink

burnin calories like runnin from the cops
thought we was sly like we was a fox
caught red handed so we a red foxx
but it aint funny if they getcha in a box
memories are funny how they juggle witchya mind
yeah we chuckle now wasnt funny at the time
we can laugh it off tattoos never lie
fingertips trace the tattoos line for line


i aint lyin i'll be fine
finer than a thread or a line
cross me and see what time
it is cross ya heart and swear you right
i know you cross ya fingers when you lie
you lie like a dog k9
and yeah you got that bite
but i still got my initials in ya bark
so we can call it tie



and it'll never be the same again
whatcha gettin for ya tattoo
Track Name: Verses Vs. In Reverse
if i was snake right now
i would slither in reverse
if i was the mississippi
i would river in reverse
baton rouge
st. paul
baton rouge
st. paul
baton rouge
st. paul
baton rouge
st. paul

that night
the gray skies kissed the
ominous and im in this car runnin a
b line
behind me all i see is
we fine
we can get through anything as long as we can
who we are and what has got us under the stars
the stars
the stars
the stars
the stars
women are from venus
and niggas we come from africa
you thought i would rhyme it wit mars but you aint bad enough
mars they make chocolate bars not like attica
prisonism is as amercian as cinnamon is a
put in apple pie taste the cynicism
i am a citizen i aint talkin ya
wrist watch
watch ya wrist they fit perfect in hand cuffs and
zip locks
stay fresh
so i guess you must reverse the trends
tick tock
how long before coke is back in


and fog was everywhere around me
thomas and victorian surroundings
victorious in the fact that i aint took a
last breath
last breath
exasperating to place ya last bet
bet i aint exaggeratin wakin up in cold sweats
(heavy breathing)
(heavy breathing)
whats a dream if it aint wet
a violin without a bow
a ukulele at best
you can lay me down to sleep but cant make my soul rest
soul rest
soul rest
we got so many regrets
we could a toss couple aside like used cigarettes
we could lose a couple more losses and still have some respect
looking forward in reverse at least he have our retrospect
i aint even finished yet
whats wit all the disconnect
just because they disrespect
dont mean that they disinfect
all the dirty shit they ever did i think they better check they breath
check they breath
check they breath

(hook 3)
if i was a bullet now
flying out the exit wound
i would have to go back through the body
and reverse the doom
baton rouge
st. paul
baton rouge
st. paul
baton rouge
st. paul
back to minneapolis
if i was a snake right now
gamin up that eve chick
the fruit would go back to the tree
but now they say that counterfeit
back to my megalopolis
Track Name: Rockstars and Stripes
those arent stars
those are crack rocks
those are rock stars
13 stripes

those arent bars
those are crack spots
were we fall through the cracks
3 strikes

america dreamin
america the machine and
america regimin
america and our demons

if we behind bars
are behind the bars
we might turn right and point out the stars

as to say i am an emcee
i am american
i am what you see

surrounded by stars
surrounded by gleam
compounded by dreams

multiplied im free
astounded by the chain link we to regimes

divided by parts
im bipartisan and partial to cream

thats milk thats honey
the land i stand on i stand for indeed

but i got no deeds
and until i get that i aint dont get no sleep

contradicting themes
plymouth rock landed right on the streets

if we push it it'll roll
but what lies beneath is stuck between

a rock a hard place
justice for all and false case

america the beautiful as usual
until miss liberty tripped and gotta scared face

innocent until proven guilty
you can get free but not free of charge


fire under the spoon
same fire under the flag
same fire igniting gas
got us burnin our cash

fly us at half mast
and times are still hard enough to fuck the past

history recast
every four years the role is up for grabs

leader of the free world
where the worlds collide knee deep in the swirl

twirled around in the whirl pool
global economic down turns and we close schools

and then they wonder why we act fool
you do whatcha gotta do when you lack food

if the president gets a caddy
he's stuntin on'em hard
so daddy i wanna lac too

but it hard to bite at that candy
when you is broke as levy
and all you got is a cracked tooth


the cameras flash for the stars so hard
they fall like rocks if they fall apart
and the red white and blue on top of cop cars
flash the same way for local rockstars
we loco we lost
cant fly’em outa flood but fly a man to mars
we artist we starve
until we break through and we become stars
and the fans pledge allegiance
we liberatem and free'em
use industry to feed'em
like how bush dropped bombs just to spread freedom
and its all ideals
push faith or push government thats ill
and its all in a deal
so you can deal with it fly high and chill

they say them rockstars got some nerve
sittin servin off that curb
red white and blue its all a blur
america the gift and curse
they say them rockstars got some nerve
the videos are so disturbed
hypnotize and hook you first
sex drugs rockstars and stripes immerse
Track Name: Black Dot Period
black dot dice
black dot pupil
black dot eyes
black dot domino

all come tumblin
i said they all come tumblin down
push one and they all come tumblin down
i said they all come tumblin down

they say god is gambler
but he dont really play games
the devil is a scrambler
if it itches he can scratch for days

thats right keep on clawin
rats in the race and we keep on gnawin
a little bitta cheese and we cant ignore it
in fact if we got to we act ignorant
bite our own tails off if we get trapped
pour in some chemicals if we get naps
tales from burbs all the way to the trap
pour in some chemicals so we dont take a nap
it goes both ways
like a tail gettin eatin by its own snake
for goodness sake
latch key birds empty nest empty plates
empty homes empty hearts
empty out our brains
sang it


they say god is a joker
laughs at his own mistakes
the devil is a roaster
burnem all at the stake

and we got fire in our eyes
like every desires a burning decision decide
between a couple choice thats been yearning inside
what we learn from experience we toss it aside
black berry de-ssert
maybe devils pie
black berry sext message
black berry dice
putt'em in the palm
and we roll it once or twice
i once was a pawn
now im found like night

and this tables reserved for the knights
life is fulla full moons hopefully i die
with a smile and a eye
fulla glorious blessings kiss my baby goodbye
sang it